What Makes The World Go Round?

Hello, RealHotRadio.net! J.U.S.T. here again and today I’ve got a story that was actually requested of me to speak about! (You know who you are) and that is about…. Money!! Enjoy!!!... Read more

Is Predjudice & Racism Still Current?

is-predjudice-racism-still-current prej·u·dice prejədəs/ noun 1. preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. “English prejudice against foreigners” rac·ism ˈrāˌsizəm/ noun 1. the... Read more

What Is Really An Aspiration?

what-is-really-an-aspiration Aspirations live in all of US…we go day-by-day wishing, hoping, praying even that whatever our aspirations are that we can reach them! When we sleep its what we dream of…When we are asked... Read more


markpain Veteran Mc on boomdizzle.com has been working real hard on his music and craft to make a serious comeback in the rap game. Mark has been working real hard on his comeback EP that will...Read more... Read more

Caleb – Pop/R&B Artist

caleb-poprb-artist Hello!!! Real Hot Radio Visitors allow me to introduce myself…My name is J.U.S.T. I am the newest writer/blogger here and I am very excited to grow in front of your eyes and to be apart...... Read more

Mel Alston Jr – Purple

mel-alston-jr-purple Super hot video from the Bynum Agency artist Mel Alston Jr – Purple This is exactly what rnb music needs music that makes you think and vibe to. Check this video out and leave your...Read... Read more

Playboy Mikey -D

playboy-mikey-d Hailing from Laurelton Queens, New York ‘Mikey D’ is best known as an original member of the HipHop super group, Main Source. In 1988 he won the New Music Seminar battle for World Supremacy and...... Read more

Snagg Da Don Aka Snaggapuss

snagg-da-don-aka-snaggapuss If you were not sleeping under a rock in the summer of 1994, you have to know who this man is. Snaggapuss took the underground by storm while featured on Doo Wops’ mixtapes as a...Read more Read more

The Cristeas

the-cristeas The Cristeas are a teen pop band, who are known to perform live top 40 cover songs, songs by Michael Jackson and their own original songs. They perform at all kind of events such as...Read more Read more

Rage Against The Ratchet

The industry is changing. Some see it as a rebellion; we see it as an opportunity. We are Ethical Music Entertainment. The front runner of a new genre of music that showcases the best diverse talent... Read more

Selfish Ways

selfish-ways The hottest Dynamic Dou in the south has finally hit Itunes and making lots of noise. King Riley and Prince Riley have made their way center stage and have been setting the scene on fire....Read... Read more

Heddrick McBride

heddrick-mcbride Today Real Hot Radio interviewed children’s book writer and author Heddrick Mcbride of Mcbride Book Collections. The interview outlined his inspiration on writing children’s book and why... Read more

McBrides Collection Of Stories

mcbrides-collection-of-stories NEW YORK — Heddrick McBride still calls it “the best days of NYC hoops.” From 1994 to 1996, during a peak of New York City high school basketball, McBride and Ron Artest helped lead La... Read more

This Is Yobi

this-is-yobi Take the words unique, creative, beautiful, and urban and combine them all together you will only get the artist Yobi. Yobi is showing the world that you can be sexy and talented and keep it...Read... Read more

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